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2018/2/24 228七十一週年紀念行動



The 12th Tsai Jui-yueh International Dance Festival



30 years ago several Taiwanese Human Right Champions remarkably marched on streets for the sake of the 228 history. Discussion about this history had been relentlessly banned under the coercive authoritarian politic force.

On streets they proclaimed their faith for this land and affirmed their decision to pursue the unearthing of the fact behind the turmoil and to make represented the miserable Taiwan’s history full of scars.


Manifestation Heralding Actions Meant To Commemorate the 228 Incident, Namely, The 28th February 1947 Incident That Broke Out 70 Years Ago

< A Joint Proclamation Raised By 28 NGO; Drafted By Huang Yi-Juen>

Tracing back to this very day 7 decades ago, that is, 7.30 pm the 27th February 1947, a casual incident triggered by an inspectional crackdown against civil private trading of cigarettes in front of TianMa Tea House rekindled the furious flame of long term accumulated civil grievance and turned out to be the starting point of the wholesale 228 Incident

Nevertheless, the 228 has never been a massacre confined in a sole one-day basis,

There were 304 (4th March) Pingdung, 306 (6th March) Fonshan, 301 (1st March) Miaoli, 313 (31th March) Tainan and Taoyuan and 318 (18th March) Yilang Incidents; exercised and developed ‘witch hunt’ oppressions characterized by arresting and executing; terror and indignity swiftly inundated throughout Taiwan.

Moreover, the subsequent 3 months enormous carnage proved to be a collective scar that deeply stigmatized Taiwan, a soul trauma expanded across the whole island, above all a pathology that existed in Taiwan’s culture and communities as well as a reason for the fact that the common entity has failed to be shaped up so far.

On the 4th February 1987 Dr Cheng Yon-shin, Chair of Taiwan Human Right Promotion Alliance, Solicitor Li Shen-shong and Chen Nan-rong, Founder of << Free Epoch Weekly>> jointly founded <228 Peace Day Facilitating Association> requesting the authorities to make public the truth of 228 Incident and to carry out the rehabilitation. They launched a movement, Action To Commemorate The 40th Anniversary Of 228 Incident, appealing Taiwan’s people to march together on streets, warning the authorities to face the responsibility for the sake of history.

After 7 years mucking around we are in fact still lingering at the Zero Point, though government promised to accomplish <Transfiguring Justice>, yet the countenances of victimizer and the victimized party still look blur and ambiguous. Victimizers and their successors of power consistently deprived victims and their offspring of the democracy that had been acquired with the price of ‘blood and sweat’, still squatting the nucleus place of power.

Up to date, the bronze statutes Chiang Kai-shek and his son Chiang Jin-guo who both subjected numerous innocents into political custodies during the White Terror era are still well-composed standing triumphantly in campuses of school and university. In your and my lives, banknotes and coins used daily were still printed and etched showing their portraits thereupon. Main carriage ways in city and county are still christened with <Zhong-Zhen (Kai-shek) Road> in attempt to invite your nostalgies and reverence towards hero-guised tyrants.

Besides, the judical and juridical systems that are supposed to serve as the Last Defence line were systematically penetrated by rulers throughout the martial law phases. The fact that these martial law-officers have become lords of justice and lawyers caused a considerably proportioned growth of law-executors within the feudal concept fostering system body and have plunged an undermining impact on the Taiwan justice system; the influences are still going on after the decline of martial law system. The ‘remnant poison’ of martial dominance era are still left over in the education system for raising Taiwanese new generations.

The persecutors who exhibit their stance of spiritual leaders imbued with authoritarian-like brilliance are still sneaking around throughout the society and culture spheres.

Up to this moment suppressers still don’t need in public hearing to make transparent the contents of their work and even exempt from addressing apologies and introspections in the presence of society and victim.

When the chance for rehabilitation has not turned up yet, victims are already gradually put into oblivion. 228 has already been debased as a public holiday lack of historic temperature. Coming down along these 70 years, we are still not qualified to discourse about reconciliation and forgiveness, if we are unable to bear the rigid heaviness of truth; at least we have got to urge and supervise authorities to disclose the fact asap, clarify responsibilities and realize well this is not only the

struggle between people from foreign provinces in China and local Taiwanese, rather, collectively it’s a ‘guilt’ an ‘enterprise’ as well as ‘introspection’ in common

The <Transfiguring Justice> has not yet been completed, we are obliged to advance continuously. At meantime do remember! 228 is not only ‘’activities’ but ‘actions’; it’s not past tense, it’s present tense, above all, the future tense.

* 228七十周年紀念行動 宣告 (28個NGO團體共同主張,黃亦筠草擬)

七十年前這一天,1947年2月27日 晚上7點半,天馬茶房前查緝私菸的偶發事件,點燃久積的民怨,成為228事件的起點。










1987年二二八和平日宣言(二二八和平日促進會 會長陳永興)






228 Peace Manifestation in 1987 by Chen Yong-shin, Chair of 228 Peace Day Facilitation Association

Since 40 years ago 228 Incident like a piece of black cloud, like converging dense innocent souls, is unable to disperse itself. Likewise, it appears to be the common shadow haunting your and my hearts. It conceals our most poignant scars. The crooked cannot be straightened. The lament of innocents cannot be relieved; the fact cannot be placed under beams of sun.

Long enough, 40 years coming down over, the away passer cannot repose themselves tranquilly, the survivors find it’s hard to find themselves in peace; on this island there is no true peace at all. But ‘Peace’; the peace among rulers and subjects, amid local Taiwanese residents and Chinese migrants in Taiwan proves to be the most important basis for existence.

Accordingly, on this 40th Anniversary of 228 Incident, we appeal to all citizens on island to come along for remembering this day and pray for the early arrival of peace onto Taiwan. We appeal for making public the truth, for rehabilitating innocents, for letting the naïve souls retrieve their rest, for enabling the mind of living beings to enjoy their peace, also for making island residents able to understand and acknowledge. That will be possible because reconciliation certainly will act as a kicking start for marching towards peace.

We are cordially delivering this message to every dweller on this island on this very day of the 40th Anniversary of 228. Please let us commemorate it with “Peace” and designate this day as “Peace Day”.








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